I’m having technical issues with the site or the stream

The online event is also a premiere for us and unfortunately we weren’t able to test all eventualities in advance. However, we have prepared a few solutions that might help you.

Serious problem with the stream or lost connection

Unfortunately, technical problems can occur. If you watch on Youtube and the stream crashes, we will publish a new stream on our Youtube channel as soon as possible. If you watch on the website, we’ll post the new link in the banner as soon as possible.

Serious problems with the website

If you have problems with the performance or functionality of the website, you can simply switch to YouTube. We are also broadcasting all contributions from the event there at www.youtube.com/dreynschlag.

Minor issues with the website

Things that may help if you have problems with the website are:

  • Try a different web browser (for example Google Chrome or Firefox).
  • Update your web browser to the latest version.
  • Test the site in an incognito tab to rule out cookie problems.

Technical problems with the Wonder-chat

Here are a few tips that might help you with problems with Wonder (Yotribe):

  • I don’t have a webcam or microphone, so I can’t join the chat: No problem. If Wonder asks you to do so, give permission for the camera and microphone anyway. However, you can only use the text chat then.
  • I am having problems joining with my Apple computer or tablet: Unfortunately, Wonder doesn’t seem to work with Safari. Please try another browser.
  • I don’t want to take a photo of myself or I want to change the picture later: When logging in, simply cover the camera when the photo is taken or hold something in front of it. You can upload any picture later. To do so, go to the settings symbol on the right in the Wonder interface and select “Change my name / picture”.
  • I am having problems with voice and video quality: This can have many reasons. First, please check all connections and settings on your PC or laptop. If the internet connection is the problem, you can also try turning off video chat.

Technical problems with the website-chat

If the superchat on our website does not work or if you don’t receive any answer, please try another webbrowser or an incognito browsertab.

Other technical problems

If you run into other problems, you are welcome to contact the Dreynschlag crew via superchat (the symbol in the lower right corner of this window). But I’ll just say right away: Better not expect too much. Unfortunately, we are not IT specialists, to say the least.

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Missing the sparring?

Hellish Quart

What would Dreynevent be without sparring? Well, this year we have to improvise but we have a great online alternative: Download the free Hellish Quart demo and challenge your HEMA friends in this great online game for pc.

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