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Here is an overview of the content and publication times of the online-Dreynevent.

Saturday, 6thWorkshopInstructorWeapon
3.00 pm (CET)Welcome And Announcements
3.15 pmFencing From The Arc Amelie EilkenDussack
3.30 pmDefense Is The Best Form Of Attack Arto FamaLongsword
4.00 pmBattlefield Sabre Matt EastonSabre
4.30 pmCavation In Italian Rapier Karl RappRapier
5.00 pmMobility Drills For Shoulders And ArmsBjörn RütherLongsword
5.30 pmWhat Mounted Fencing Teaches Us About HEMA Arne KoetsMounted Combat
6.00 pmNo Fancy FencingMartin EnziLanges Messer
6.30 pmBringing HEMA To The PublicDaniel JaquetLecture
7.00 pmLet’s Have A Beer In Wonder

Sunday, 7thWorkshopInstructorWeapon
3.00 pm (CET)Welcome And Announcements
3.15 pmThe Concept Of The Line in SabreMarcus HampelSabre
3.30 pmPlayful Approach To Freeplay Till SchultzLongsword
4.00 pmShield CombatRoland WarzechaShield
4.30 pmSharp SwordsBernhard SeidlLecture
5.00 pmCuts From Livres Des LeconsRob RunacresSword & Dagger
5.30 pmBrainstrike and Shepherds Blow Alexander KiermayerStaff
6.00 pmWounds Caused By SwordsOliver GamLecture
6.30 pmWhy I despise The Bloody Sigmund Ringeck Dierk HagedornLecture
7.00 pmEnd Of The Event

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