Vendors At DreynOnlyne

What would Dreynevent be without merchants and smiths who supply us with swords, HEMA equipment, books and much more? That is why, even if our partners cannot be present this year, we would still like to support them! We are therefore pleased that some of our friends will visit us at the online event!

But, to be clear: We cannot sell you anything during the event. So please take a look directly at the shops and websites of our vendors and choose what you like. However, you can meet some merchants in our Wonder chat and ask them your questions.

Black ArmouryHEMA gear & weaponsVisit the shop
Regenyei ArmorySwords, feders & moreChoose your blade
Viktor BerbekuczSwords, feders & moreChoose your blade
Fabrice CognotReplicas & custom weaponsChoose your blade
Philipp WildKnives & swordsVisit the shop
HistofaktBooks, archery & moreVisit the shop

In addition, some of our trainers have some interesting innovations for you such as books or HEMA apps.

NavicartumHEMA-app for Joachim Meyer’s treatise.Navicartum for Apple

Navicartum for Android
Sofa BooksGreat variety of HEMA-booksVisit Sofa Books
Book of LessonsA compilation of fencing instructions, attributed to Pedro De HerediaGet the book
Destreza ProjectHEMA initiative for more German content on that topicJoin the project

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Talk to HEMA people

Visit our chat and talk to friends from the HEMA scene.

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Missing the sparring?

Hellish Quart

What would Dreynevent be without sparring? Well, this year we have to improvise but we have a great online alternative: Download the free Hellish Quart demo and challenge your HEMA friends in this great online game for pc.

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